Travel safely by world standards

Travel safely by world standards
Photo:Zoran Jelača

The WTTC created the Safe Travel label in 2020 to assist travelers in indentifying destinations and companies worldwide that have adopted global health and hygiene standards. Croatia has been displaying this label since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

The Safe stay in Croatia label and the Safe travels label are awarded to stakeholders from the Croatian tourism sector and others who are part of the industry chain, such as carriers, airports, stations, nautical ports and marinas, and who register in the system, display the official authorization that confirms and guarantees compliance with and implementation of current health and safety recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Compliance is checked at three levels. Periodic and unannounced inspection of the implementation of safety protocols is carried out by representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, professional associations in tourism. Visitors are also welcome to submit comments via e-mail to [email protected] or this website.