Cultural attractions

 Croatia is known for its natural beauty, unspoiled nature and the diversity of its flora and fauna that leaves no one indifferent. Twelve nature parks and eight national parks, from rocky Northern Velebit and the Plitvice Lakes to the lowlands and swamps of Kopački rit, are known for their beauty and preservation. In addition to enjoying nature, you can visit the many museums and other sights, explore the rich Croatian cultural and historical heritage, from folk costumes, traditional arts, and fairytale castles, to the UNESCO-protected intangible heritage.
Photo:Julien Duval

1. General rules for employees

  • informing and training employees on the implementation of procedures to protect employees and visitors and procedures in case of employee or visitor infection
  • physical distancing (especially of employees who are in contact with visitors of other employees)
  • wearing protective masks
  • body temperature check 
  • hand disinfection as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty, washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfecting work surfaces several times a day
  • limited number of people in an enclosed space
  • regular ventilation of all spaces
  • in case of suspected health problems, employees will be referred to their doctors

2. General rules for visitors

  • wearing protective masks
  • disinfecting hands (when entering a facility)
  • limited number of visitors
  • physical distancing
  • prominent ban on touching equipment - touch screens and other equipment used to inform visitors and to present and/or visualise cultural content

3. Cleaning

  • regular disinfection of spaces and equipment with which visitors and employees are in contact
  • regular ventilation of all spaces
  • increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting sanitary facilities
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of filters for air condition, ventilation, and heating

4. Entrance

  • provide on-line purchasing and/or contactless payment for admission and services
  • offer advance reservations for special programs
  • display posters, information displays or video notices about hygienic measures and procedures and as a reminder to maintain physical distancing

5. Commercial content

  •  general measures are applied to prevent COVID-19 and guarantee cooperation with partners displaying the safety label are applied