Small excursion boats

 With its geographic position and one of the most indented coastlines in the world, more than a thousand islands, islets, cliffs and reefs, and a pleasant climate and favorable winds, Croatia is today one of the world’s most desirable nautical destinations. It has more than 60 ports and over 18,000 berths. Croatia is currently home to 40% of the world's charter fleet, so it is the right place to sail, to take a tour of the beauties of the Adriatic by motorboat, or to enjoy recreational fishing.
Photo:Aleksandar Gospić

1. General rules for the crew

  • training the ship's crew on implementing procedures to protect the crew and guests and procedures in case of infection of crew members or guests
  • maintaining the highest level of hygiene and physical distancing during interaction with guests
  • wearing protective masks
  • body temperature check at the beginning of work shift
  • in case of suspected health problems, crew members will be referred to their doctors
  • use of hand disinfection as often as possible, even when hands are not visibly dirty, and washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfection of work surfaces several times a day
  • limited number of people allowed in indoor settings

2. General rules for guests

  •  wearing a protective mask while on board indoors and maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 m between persons
  • hand disinfection (upon boarding and when entering the ship's cabin)
  • a limited number of guests in common area of the ship
  • body temperature check upon boarding
  • in case of suspected health problems, guests must inform a crew member or the captain
  • guests are advised to carry only one piece of luggage and one handbag and, if possible, to carry it on their own. At the request of a guest, the crew will assist with carrying luggage to the cabin

3. Cleaning

Common areas:

  • regular disinfection of common areas (paying special attention to equipment, places and surfaces that are frequently touched)
  • disinfection of common toilets several times a day
  • disinfectants will be available when boarding the ship and at the entrance to the cabins
  • regular ventilation of common areas
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning filters and ventilation
  • regular ventilation of common areas (salons) and installation of ionizers (air purifiers)

Accommodation units:

  • clean the cabins once a day (guests will be asked to leave the cabin), but they may also refuse cleaning.
  • regular ventilation of the cabin, independently by guests (where possible)

4. Reception

  • adherence to the agreed check-in time according to the cruise program and maintaining physical distancing
  • preparation of personal documents and vouchers in advance to make check-in as quick as possible
  • check-in will be at an open part of the ship in front of the salon
  • a welcome drink and welcome speech will be held on the deck of the ship, or in small groups in the lounge while maintaining physical distancing

5. Catering facilities

  • serving will be in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
  • staff: preparation and serving food with gloves
  • removal of menus and price lists from tables, available at the request of the guest (options: digital form QR codes or disposable in printed form or plasticized)
  • disinfection of tables, menus, and price lists after each guest departs
  • setting tables and eating utensils in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
  • spacing tables in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
  • creating physical distance between individual groups of visitors in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
  • depending on the size of a group and the available space on board, serving meals at two pre-determined times, or simultaneously in the lounge and in an outdoor space
  • all snacks and "finger food," maps, books, magazines, board games, etc. that are otherwise available to guests will be completely removed, but will be available on guest’s request

6. Common content

  • limit the use of a jacuzzi or hot tub to a maximum of two people at a time (if they are a couple or family members)
  • the ship's crew or tour guide must regulate bathing breaks (the number of people who can use the bathing platform at the same time will be limited to ensure physical distancing)
  • space sunbeds on the deck from each other in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and number each bed with a cabin number so that guests can use the sunbeds assigned to their cabin for the duration of their stay.
  • organize a procedure for departing and returning to the ship with the tour guide and explain the procedure in detail via the on-board sound system (guests returning to the ship from the mainland will board at the stern, and guests departing the ship to the mainland will disembark from  the bow if the ship design allows it)

Recommendation: if possible, each ship should provide an additional cabin for the self-isolation of persons who display symptoms of an infection.