Adventure and scuba diving tourism

 If you ask people anywhere in the world about Croatia, chances are that they can name at least one Croatian sports personality. Croatian athletes in football, handball, skiing, tennis and those who have won Olympic medals and other awards are the country's global ambassadors, but during their moments of rest they choose Croatia, a country that offers a wide range of choices for recreation and an active vacation – from wellness and health tourism to swimming pools and aquatic parks and adventure tourism and scuba diving.
Photo:Julien Duval

1. General rules for employees

  • training employees on the implementation of procedures for the protection of employees and visitors and procedures in case of infection of employees or visitors
  • physical distancing (especially employees who are in contact with customers of other employees)
  • wearing a protective mask
  • hand disinfection as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty, washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfecting work surfaces several times a day
  • shift work
  • measuring body temperature
  • limited number of people in an n enclosed space

2. General rules for visitors

  • disinfecting hands
  • wearing a mask, especially during activities
  • limited number of people in an enclosed space
  • limiting the size of groups
  • physical distancing
  • mandatory reservation by telephone or on-line
  • contactless or on-line payment

3. Implementing activities

  • visible notifications on the implementation of procedures to protect employees and visitors and on procedures in case of infection of employees or visitors
  • applying general and hygienic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • providing space for one person to change in the locker room or in the open while maintaining physical distancing in accordance with current directives of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
  • provide individual boxes for surplus equipment or ask people to carry their own equipment in their own backpack
  • limited number of daily dives to ensure enough time to clean and disinfect equipment
  • rest areas must be large enough to ensure distancing in accordance with current instructions from the Croatian Institute of Public Health
  • provide a packaged lunch if a meal is offered
  • provide a sufficient amount of disinfectant during activities
  • allow transfers in accordance with the protocols, keeping in mind that these are closed and known groups
  • the use of headphones and speakers for the guide s is permitted
  • limited stays in protected areas (national parks and nature parks)
  • for each guest record the time of stay, contact and group during the activity
  • provide space for separate collection of used equipment that is not yet cleaned and disinfected
  • if first aid is required, provide equipment, such a set with a filter and a resuscitation mask, to avoid direct contact between the rescue worker and the   patient
  • appropriate waste disposal (used masks, etc.)

4. Cleaning

  • regular disinfection of the spaces and all surfaces with which someone has been in contact
  • between each user clean and disinfect equipment and tools with which visitors and employees have been in contact (helmets, belts, neoprene, masks, fins, clothing, etc.)
  • use disinfectants that are not harmful to the environment
  • exercise caution when using specific cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities: every two hours or even more often