Business tourism

 Getting to know the country and how to live like the locals will be best explained by tourist guides, who know all the hidden sights and legends of every place in Croatia. While some of them will lead you along the paths of the ancient Romans, others will reveal to you the world of the King’s Landing, Star Wars, or Winetoo. You can arrange outings with tourist agencies that you will remember for years, and at tourist information centers you can download brochures and maps for independent research and carefree enjoyment of the beauties and secrets of Croatia.
Photo:Julien Duval

1. General rules for employees

  • informing and training employees on the implementation of procedures to protect employees and participants and procedures in case of infection of employees or participants
  • informing and training employees in all current anti-epidemic measures and recommendations for all types of services used in the organisation of a meeting or event
  • physical distance (especially employees who are in contact with participants from other employees)
  • wearing protective masks
  • body temperature check
  • hand disinfection as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty, washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfecting work surfaces several times a day
  • limit the number of people in an enclosed space
  • enhance control of registration of participants
  • provide a sufficient quantity of disinfectants
  • provide protective masks for 5% of the total number of participants (which may or may not be charged)
  • guarantee of cooperation with partners who have a safety label
  • inspection of the implementation of security protocols by all partners involved in the organization of the gathering

2. General rules for participants

  • wearing protective masks in all common areas of the hotel
  • disinfecting hands
  • limiting the number of participants in the common areas of the facility
  • physical distancing

3. Organization of excursions/transfers

  • hygiene of the driver's seat
  • measuring body temperature
  • wearing protective masks (drivers, passengers, trip leader or tour guide)
  • hand disinfectant
  • physical distancing among the drivers, trip leader, tour guide and passengers
  • hygiene of the passenger area
  • protection between the passengers and driver (plexiglass bulkhead or free passenger seat)
  • vehicle ventilation

4. Registration of participants before and during the meeting

  • on-line registration
  • prepayment of registration fees and any other costs requested by the participant
  • in the case of on-site payment, provide contactless payment
  • pre-prepared conference and other materials
  • contactless distribution of conference and other materials
  • contactless control of entrances to and passage through the building
  • placing a protective barrier at the registration desk
  • information and materials on the registration desk and info-boards should be plasticised so that they can be disinfected after each use