Croatia is connected to Europe and the rest of the world by all transportation routes and is accessible by all means of transport. Located in Central Europe, it can be reached by car from any European city. In fact, the first roads in Croatia were built by the ancient Romans. Whether you want to fly, travel by bus, train, boat, or automobile to Croatia, we invite you to enjoy the journey from the first kilometer to the last while complying with the health and recommendations.

1. General rules for employees and stakeholders

  • informing and educating employees on the implementation of procedures to protect employees and passengers and procedures in case of an infection of employees or passengers
  • maintaining physical distancing between airline employees and passengers for the entire time with the help of markings
  • wearing protective masks
  • body temperature check
  • hand disinfection as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty, washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfecting work surfaces several times a day
  • limit the number of people in indoor settings

2. General rules for an airport

  • provide additional information and assistance by trained staff
  • enable check-in for a flight via a self-check-in at the passenger terminal
  • indicate the direction of travel through the passenger terminal
  • place posters and informative displays in the terminal about hygienic measures and procedures, regularly make audio and video announcements on screens as a reminder to maintain physical distancing and washing and disinfecting hands
  • provide contactless disinfectant dispensers throughout the passenger terminal
  • set up protective transparent partitions at counters, which includes all commercial facilities and services of the passenger terminal (shops, catering facilities, exchange offices, ticket sales, parking fees, rent-a-car, agencies, etc.)
  • ensure proper disposal of used face masks and gloves

3. General rules for passengers and visitors

  • wearing protective masks in all areas of the airport
  • physical distancing
  • hand disinfection: when entering the facility, before consuming food and drinks and during a longer stay at the airport, wash your hands regularly
  • comply with direction and signs throughout the passenger terminal
  • limit direct contact with surfaces and other people

4. General rules before arriving at the airport

  • information and instructions for travelers and visitors not to travel if:
    •  they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the flight,
    • any of the symptoms characteristic of COVID-19 (fever, newly developed cough, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath) have appeared in the 8 days before the flight,
    • the person has been in close contact (less than 2 meters and more than 15 minutes) with a person with COVID-19 in the 14 days before the flight.
  • provide on-line check-in for a flight before arriving at the airport

5. Cleaning

  • increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of passenger terminals, buses, and equipment with prescribed disinfectants, including escalators, handrails, chairs, tables, counters, toilets, ventilation systems, POS devices, self-check-in devices, elevators, and floors, etc.
  • regular ventilation of all spaces, where possible

6. Catering and commercial areas

  •  protocols will be applied for catering facilities and a guarantee of cooperation with partners who have a safety label