Croatia is connected to Europe and the rest of the world by all transportation routes and is accessible by all means of transport. Located in Central Europe, it can be reached by car from any European city. In fact, the first roads in Croatia were built by the ancient Romans. Whether you want to fly, travel by bus, train, boat, or automobile to Croatia, we invite you to enjoy the journey from the first kilometer to the last while complying with the health and recommendations.

1. General rules for employees

  • wearing protective masks (indoors and when handing over vehicles)
  • body temperature check at the beginning of a work shift
  • limit the number of people in indoor settings
  • physical distancing
  • hand disinfection as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty, washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfecting work surfaces several times a day

2. General rules for renters

  • disinfect hands when entering the shop
  • wear protective masks (in a closed space and at handover of a vehicle)
  • physical distancing

3. Office

  • at the entrance, display important information and instructions on how to behave
  • provide disinfectant at the entrance
  • plexiglass partitions between employees and customers

4. Vehicles

  • disinfect all surfaces in the vehicle before and after rental